Summer 2016

Join us in reliving the exciting moments of the 2016 summer camps in Hangzhou, Guizhou, and Quzhou. The highlights of 2016 summer camps include Intro to Python and Western Art History classes.

2016 is the first year we launched the Dream Project, which connects mentors and students over the course of the 2016-2017 school year to complete a series of mini-projects to develop critical thinking skills that will help students succeed in the future.

Students and mentors use their hands to draw and to think outside of the box of traditional arts and craft class.
Students create their unique Arduino robots and design them using their own imaginations.
GYMI invited a professional break dance teacher to give students a chance to express themselves using body language and to free themselves from societal constrains through dancing.
During PE class, students bonded through group activities and learn to work in groups.

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