Summer 2015

Join us as we relive great moments from our sessions in 2015. Mentors from all around the world formed lasting friendships with their mentees in Quzhou, Taizhou, Kunming, Yancheng, Houcun, and Bengbu.

2015 was one of our most exciting years yet! We partnered up with different local organizations and our mentors played an even bigger role in bringing their talents to summer sessions, and sharing their knowledge with our students.

Our first task at the beginning of each GYMI session involves bonding and fostering teamwork! What better way to do this than by participating in our version of the three-legged race?
Our mentors and students work together closely to create art. Here they are preparing the ink that they will use to start creating their masterpieces!
Students start preparing for their session’s talent show early on. Take a look at the ingenious ways they came up with to create their costumes.
Just take a look at the majestic costumes they've made!
Here students are perfecting their form as they practice for a dance choreographed by our very own talented mentors.
Arduino toy monsters have become a beloved hallmark of our summer sessions! Watch as students work on synthesizing both art and technology as they work together to make their toy monsters come alive.
Saying good bye is always bittersweet. Students and mentors exchange some tearful words and funny memories as we come to the close of another successful session.

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