Summer 2014

Join us as we relive great moments from our sessions in 2014. Mentors from all around the world formed lasting friendships with their mentees in Qu Zhou, Liu An, Guo Zhuang, and Ping Yang.

Summer 2014 was also the first year we piloted our Arduino toy monster project with our students! Check out their fun creations.

Our students were amazing pianists and musicians. We tried our hands at simple songs and had some great performances at the end! Our mentors and students even worked together to make new musical creations of their own!
Our students tried their hands at electrical engineering as well as creative crafts. With the help of our sponsors, we were able to provide Lilypad Arduinos to our students so they could make toys they programmed to sing and blink!
A student proudly shows off her final Arduino toy product at the end of the GYMI period. So many wonderful creations and great ideas by our students!
Students learned how to draw bamboo in the style of classical Chinese calligraphy. Don’t they look like they’re coming alive?
Students and mentors celebrated a student’s birthday together! The summer was short, but they created memories to cherish for a lifetime! (And hey, who doesn’t like a bit of cake on their special day!

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