Join us on the journey of mentoring awesome kids.

Each summer, Global Youth Mentorship Initiative (GYMI) holds summer sessions that help underprivileged students gain access to mentorship and educational resources.

We are GYMI.

We are mentors from all over the world, dedicated with one purpose: to bring inspiration and passion for learning to those who are less privileged and help them expand their borders.

What we do

Our trained mentors spearhead summer sessions focused on arts and technology in a one-to-one or small group setting, and follow up with their students for at least a year online.

Why do we do this?

Many students around the world do not have access to resources outside of the basic academic curriculum even though they are enthusiastic about learning more. GYMI tries to address this type of educational inequality by mobilizing talented and passionate undergraduates.

Latest News

This past summer, GYMI has been busy hosting several awesome summer camps! GYMI camps ranged from rural areas in Guizhou to suburban Hangzhou and Quzhou schools for children under the poverty line. We were able to collect funds from multiple media resources and direct them to where they are most needed.

GYMI camps are unlike other traditional volunteer programs. We build unique mentor-mentee relationships by enfocing a low mentor to mentee ratio. Our mentors teach classes on subjects that they experienced in and accompany their mentees to other mentor-taught classes.

These classes focus on creativity and critical thinking, including subjects such as computer science, public speaking, drama, arts and crafts, etc. At the end of each two-week session, the mentees each display a finished art/drama project in addition to making a speech about their dreams and goals for the future. Following the speech, mentors and mentees work together to create a one year long follow-up project to help the mentee achieve their goals.

Ultimately, not only does this setup help the mentees achieve a personal dream, but also, the mentors are able to recognize thier own potential as future leaders or great teachers.

Join Us

Like our cause? There are many ways for you to help! Join our team of fantastic volunteers, donate to our program, or help us spread the word about GYMI!